Introduction to dried ramen toppings packaging

Dried ramen toppings not only enrich our ramen side dishes, but also replenish the nutrients our bodies need every day. So, dried ramen toppings are a very great invention!

Currently, not only provides dried ramen toppings in a variety of flavors, but can also customize the packaging of dried ramen toppings according to customer needs. Currently we have 100g-200g bagged dried ramen toppings, 5g bagged dried ramen toppings, 100g canned dried ramen toppings and other packaging.

100g-200g bags of dried ramen toppings are suitable for home or restaurant use. The packaging of 100g to 200g allows us to consume the ingredients in time when they are fresh, ensuring the quality and taste of the product!


5g bagged dried ramen toppings are suitable for direct use in food production companies, directly used in cup noodles or bagged instant noodles. One bag of ingredients is just enough to satisfy a bowl of noodles.


100g canned dried ramen toppings can be used for similar purposes as 100g-200g bagged dried ramen toppings, but the packaging is different to meet the needs of different customers.


For customers with large daily demand for dried ramen toppings, we can also provide dry ramen ingredients in 10kg boxes. Customers who are interested in dried ramen toppings are welcome to consult at any time!


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