The Processing Technology Of Dehydrated Garlic Flakes

The main effects of the dehydrated garlic flakes processing technology include:


1. Remove the moisture from the garlic and extend the shelf life.

2. Retain the active ingredients in garlic, such as allicin, protein, etc.

3. Make the garlic slices small and uniform in shape for easy subsequent processing.

4. The garlic is rich in aroma and has outstanding flavor, which meets the taste needs.

5. Easy to operate, it is convenient to eat directly or further cook.

6. Prevent mildew and ensure food hygiene and safety.

7. Save packaging and transportation costs and facilitate storage and transportation.

8. Expand the scope of use of garlic products and increase added value.

9. Automate production to improve output and production efficiency.

10. Standardized production processes to ensure stable and consistent product quality.

11. Provide packaging of different specifications to meet different market needs.

12. Comply with food safety and hygiene standards, safe to eat.

In summary, dehydrated garlic flakes processing is an important technical means for processing garlic products, which can achieve large-scale production and quality standardization. If you are interested in dehydrated garlic flakes, please feel free to inquire!


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