How to make your ramen more nutritious?

In daily life, the ramen toppings we eat usually only come in a small package, about 5 grams. When we put the dried ramen toppings into the ramen and stir them in, they were almost nowhere to be found. This is very frustrating!


In order to make our ramen more nutritious and look more appetizing. I thought of adding dried ramen toppings myself.

The following are common raw materials dried ramen toppings:

Basic raw materials: dehydrated carrot dices, cabbage, green onions, green vegetables (green stems, evergreens, etc.), pepper rings, freeze-dried corn kernels, egg pellets, dried mushrooms (shiitake mushroom slices, bisporus mushroom slices), dehydrated kimchi (spicy cabbage)

Extended raw materials: dehydrated celery, parsley, broccoli, soy products (bean sticks, tofu skin, freeze-dried tofu), wolfberry, sesame, peanuts, freeze-dried meat products (chicken cubes, beef cubes), freeze-dried seafood products (Shrimp, squid, crab sticks)

If you prefer Chinese-style dried ramen toppings, you can choose dehydrated diced carrots, cabbage, green onions, green stems, wolfberries, sesame seeds, etc.

If you prefer Korean dried ramen toppings. You can choose from dehydrated pickles, dehydrated carrots, spring onions, pepper rings, etc.

If you like Japanese dried ramen toppings, you can choose dehydrated cabbage, diced eggs, dehydrated green onions, dehydrated carrot dices, dehydrated squid slices, dehydrated fish meat imitation crab sticks, etc.

If you like Thai dried ramen toppings, you can choose mushroom slices, pepper rings, shrimp, seaweed slices, etc.

Of course, you can also choose and mix your favorite ramen toppings to make your own unique dried ramen toppings!


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