The Secret to Making Ramen Taste More Nutritious: Rich Dried Ramen Toppings

Dry ramen is a quick and easy delicacy, but by adding rich dried ramen toppings, you can make it even more delicious and nutritious. Here are some tips for making your ramen more nutritious:

1. Vegetable pieces and leaves: Add various vegetables to the dried ramen noodles, such as dehydrated carrots, dehydrated spinach, dehydrated cauliflower, egg dices, pepper rings, freeze-dried corn kernels, dehydrated kimchi, etc. Not only do these veggies add color and texture, they also add a rich source of vitamins and fiber to the ramen.

2. Protein source: You can add some protein sources such as grilled meat slices, shredded chicken, and shrimp to increase satiety and nutritional value.

3. Nuts and seeds: Sprinkle some nuts and seeds like chopped peanuts, pine nuts, sesame or flaxseeds to add healthy fats and fiber to your ramen.

4. Beans: Try adding freeze-dried tofu cubes, bean sticks, or other beans to add plant-based protein and fiber to dry ramen noodles.

5. Seafood: If you like seafood, you can add some shrimp, crab sticks or fish cakes to bring the delicious taste of seafood to the dry ramen.

If you are usually busy at work and don’t have time to mix nutritious dried ramen toppings, you can try to buy dried ramen toppings packages that have been prepared with different flavors.

For example:


Japanese dry ramen toppings


Korean Dry Ramen toppings


Chinese dry ramen toppings supports customization of different types of dried ramen toppings according to customer needs, and customize the one that belongs to you!


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