Application Prospect of Fried Garlic Chips in Southeast Asia

Fried garlic chips have broad application prospects in Southeast Asia. Garlic chips are one of the important ingredients in many Southeast Asian dishes as they impart a distinctive aroma and taste to food. Fried garlic chips are often used as a garnish and condiment in dishes, which can increase the taste and flavor of dishes.

Fried garlic chips

In many countries in Southeast Asia, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines, garlic chips are often used in traditional dishes such as stir-fries, stews, and cooked seafood. Fried garlic chips become crispy and delicious, making the dish even more delicious. They can also be used as an ingredient to flavor soups, sauces and pickles.

In addition, fried garlic chips are also used to make some special snacks and snacks. In some Southeast Asian countries, people sprinkle fried garlic chips on food such as rice noodles, noodles, salads and spring rolls to increase the taste and aroma of the food. Garlic chips can also be served as part of crackers or potato chips, providing a unique garlicky flavor.

With the globalization trend of Southeast Asian dishes, fried garlic chips also have good potential in the international market. Many people prefer Southeast Asian-inspired dishes, so the demand for products and seasonings using fried garlic flakes is also increasing. This provides opportunities for enterprises in the Southeast Asian region to expand their exports and market share.

In conclusion, fried garlic chips have broad application prospects in Southeast Asia. As important ingredients and unique condiments of traditional dishes, they play an important role in both dish cooking and snack making. In addition, with the increasing popularity of Southeast Asian style dishes, fried garlic slices also have good development potential in the international market.

Here are the different names of fried garlic chips in Southeast Asia:

① Krathiem Chao (กระเทียมเจียว) - In Thailand, fried garlic chips are often called "Krathiem Chao" and it is a common ingredient in many Thai dishes.

② Bawang Goreng - In Malaysia and Indonesia, fried garlic slices are often called "Bawang Goreng", which means fried garlic.

③ Hành Phi - In Vietnam, fried garlic slices are called "Hành Phi" and are often used in Vietnamese dishes such as stir-fries, salads and soups.

These names may vary by region and by specific culinary traditions. However, they both refer to garlic that is thinly sliced and deep-fried to make it crunchy.

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