Chili Powder: The Flavor Of Passion In Cooking

Detailed product specifications:

Chili powder is a powdered condiment made from fresh chili peppers that are dried, dried and ground. Depending on the production process and the type of chili pepper, the color, particle size and spiciness of the chili powder will vary.


Red chili powder price

Color: It can be bright red, orange-red or dark red, depending on the type and maturity of the chili pepper.

Particle size: It is divided into coarse particles and fine powder. Coarse particles are suitable for specific cooking flavors, while fine powder is more suitable for evenly sprinkling on the surface of dishes.

Packaging: Usually packaged in plastic bottles or aluminum foil bags to keep the chili powder fresh and preserve it for a long time.

Spiciness specifications:

The spiciness of chili powder varies depending on the type of chili pepper and the processing method. It is mainly divided into the following levels:


Sweet chili powder: The spiciness is very mild and suitable for those who don’t like too spicy taste.

Medium chili powder: It has moderate spiciness and can provide a certain spicy feeling. It is often used to season a variety of dishes.

Fire chili powder: It is very spicy and suitable for people who like extreme spiciness. It needs to be used with caution to avoid excessive stimulation.


Seasoning: It can be used to prepare barbecue marinade, stir-fry seasoning or soup flavor enhancer.

Baking and roasting: It can be sprinkled on pizza, bread and grilled chicken wings to give food a spicy taste.

Ingredients: It can be used as a basic ingredient for spicy flavors and mixed with other seasonings such as salt and pepper to prepare seasoning powders of various flavors.

Health value:

Chili powder is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and antioxidants, which has a positive effect on improving immunity and promoting metabolism. Moderate consumption can also help promote digestion and increase appetite.


Chili powder is not only an indispensable condiment in cooking, but also popular for its rich taste and health benefits. Choose chili powder that suits your taste, and through different cooking methods, you can add rich layers and surprising taste experience to the dishes. When using, you can choose the appropriate spiciness and granularity according to your personal taste and type of dish to achieve the best cooking effect and taste.



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