What is the difference between freeze-dried garlic powder and ordinary garlic powder?

There are some differences in the production process and properties between freeze-dried garlic powder and ordinary garlic powder:


production process:

Regular garlic powder: A powder usually made by grinding and drying fresh garlic. This preparation method is relatively simple, but the active ingredients in garlic powder may be partially lost due to heat processing.

Freeze-dried garlic powder: To make freeze-dried garlic powder, you need to freeze fresh garlic first, then freeze and evaporate the water under vacuum conditions, and finally obtain freeze-dried garlic powder. This process can better retain the nutrients and active ingredients in garlic, because the active ingredients of garlic are less susceptible to destruction under low temperature and vacuum conditions.

Taste and smell:

Ordinary garlic powder: During the production process, part of the smell and taste of garlic may be lost due to heat processing, especially after roasting or frying at high temperatures.

Freeze-dried garlic powder: Due to the use of freezing and vacuum dehydration technology in the production process, freeze-dried garlic powder is often better able to retain the natural smell and taste of garlic, and is closer to the flavor of fresh garlic.

Storage time and stability:

Ordinary garlic powder: Since it may be exposed to high temperatures or air during the production process, resulting in the loss of some nutrients, ordinary garlic powder may have a relatively short shelf life and is susceptible to moisture or oxidation.

Freeze-dried garlic powder: The production process of freeze-dried garlic powder can better retain the nutrients and active ingredients in garlic, so it can be stored longer, is more stable, and is less susceptible to moisture or oxidation.

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