The Difference Between Purple sweet Potato Powder And Purple Yam Powder

Purple sweet potato powder and purple yam powder are two different food materials. Although they both have the characteristics of purple, there are some differences in plant source, flavor, nutritional content and use.


Plant source:

Purple sweet potato powder: Purple sweet potato, also known as purple sweet potato puree and purple sweet potato, is a tuber plant with purple skin and interior. It is usually used to make various desserts, pasta and pastries, etc.

Purple yam powder: Purple yam, also known as purple potato paste, is a tuber plant, usually with purple skin, and its appearance is similar to ordinary yam. It is often processed into powder for culinary and medicinal purposes.


Purple sweet potato powder: Purple sweet potato has a sweet taste, and it can give food a purple color after being made into powder, and it has a faint purple sweet potato aroma.

Purple yam powder: The flavor of purple yam is more elegant, with some persistent sweet potato aroma, which is different from the sticky taste of ordinary yam.

nutrient content:

Purple potato powder: Purple potato is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, especially rich in natural anthocyanins, which is good for health.

Purple yam powder: Purple yam is also rich in certain vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, which are beneficial to the digestive system and immune system.


Purple sweet potato flour: usually used to make desserts, pasta, snacks, etc., and can be used as an enhancer for color and flavor.

Purple yam powder: mainly used for cooking, can be used to make soup, pastry, pasta, etc., and also has some medicinal value.

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