The Differences Between Strawberry Powder Produced In Different Processing Methods

Strawberry powder is a powdered food ingredient made from fresh strawberries. Different processing methods will affect the texture, taste, color, nutritional content and uses of strawberry powder. The following is a detailed introduction to several common strawberry powder processing methods and their differences:


Water-reducing drying method: This is one of the most common processing methods of strawberry powder. In the water-reduction drying method, fresh strawberries are washed, peeled, and seeded, and then the pulp is chopped and dried at low temperature to finally form powdered strawberry powder. This processing method can better retain the natural color and flavor of strawberries while maintaining their nutritional content. Due to the lower temperature, heat-sensitive nutrients such as vitamin C in strawberry powder can be better retained. Water-reduced dried strawberry powder has a fine texture and bright color, and is suitable for the production of various foods, beverages and beauty products.

Freeze-drying method: Freeze-drying method is to freeze fresh strawberries first and then dry them. In this processing method, after the strawberries are frozen, they are dried in a low temperature and vacuum environment, so that the moisture is directly converted from solid to gas without passing through the liquid state, thereby obtaining dry strawberry powder. The freeze-drying method can better retain the natural flavor and color of strawberries, but compared with the water-reduction drying method, the process is more complicated and the cost is higher.

Spray drying method: The spray drying method is to spray the strawberry slurry into tiny particles through a nozzle, and then contact with hot air to quickly evaporate the water and finally form strawberry powder. The advantage of this processing method is that it is fast, can produce strawberry powder in large quantities, and is suitable for industrial production. However, due to the high temperature and spraying process, some strawberry powders may lose part of their fragrance and color, and their particle sizes are larger and their texture may be slightly rough and not as fine as the powders of the other two methods.

To sum up, different processing methods will produce strawberry powder with different texture, taste, color and nutritional content. Consumers can choose suitable strawberry powder products according to their needs and uses. is a professional manufacturer of strawberry powder. Customers interested in the strawberry powder price are welcome to consult at any time!


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