What are the differences in uses of strawberry powder processed in different ways?

Strawberry powder is made from strawberries through different processing methods, and different processing methods will affect its uses and characteristics. Here are some common ways to process strawberry powder and how they differ in use:


Freeze-dried strawberry powder: Freeze-dried strawberry powder is made by freeze-drying fresh strawberries and then grinding them. It retains the natural flavor, color and nutrition of strawberries. Freeze-dried strawberry powder is often used to make juice, biscuits, pastries, ice cream, cereal, yogurt, puree, smoothie and various desserts. It can also be used as a natural food colorant.

Spray drying strawberry powder: Spray drying is a rapid processing method by spraying strawberry slurry into small particles and then drying them to obtain powder. This powder exhibits excellent solubility and suspension properties and is suitable for beverages, confectionery, jams, yoghurts, pastries and bakery products.

Vacuum freeze-dried strawberry powder: This processing method is made by freeze-drying fresh strawberries in a vacuum environment. This powder does an excellent job of preserving the natural flavor and color of strawberries. It is suitable for beverages, juices, cookies, cereals, yogurt and baked goods.

Baked strawberry powder: Baked strawberry powder is made by dehydrating strawberries and then baking them at a low temperature. It has a deeper rich strawberry flavor and color. This powder is suitable for making pastries, biscuits, ice cream, sauces, desserts and jams.

Sun-dried strawberry powder: This powder is made by slicing strawberries and drying them in the sun. It typically retains the intense natural strawberry flavor and color. It can be used in pastries, jams, salads, cereals, yogurt and cold drinks.

In general, strawberry powders processed in different ways differ in their uses, but they all provide strawberry flavor and color to a variety of foods and beverages, and the appropriate type can be selected based on specific recipes and needs.


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