Introduction To Different Processing Methods Of Garlic Powder

The processing methods of garlic powder mainly include drying, dehydration, smoking and other methods. Each method will bring a unique taste and flavor to the garlic powder. Here is a brief introduction to the different ways garlic powder is processed:


Dry garlic powder:

Process: Peel and slice the garlic, then bake it with hot air to gradually evaporate its moisture, and finally obtain dehydrated garlic slices.

Features: Retains the natural flavor and nutrients of garlic, presenting a rich garlic aroma and spicy taste.

Dehydrated garlic powder:

Process: After peeling and slicing the garlic, use dehydration machinery or other dehydration methods to quickly remove the moisture from the garlic slices to produce dry garlic particles.

Features: It retains the original flavor of garlic and is a common way to make garlic powder, which can make the taste more uniform.

Smoked garlic powder:

Process: After the garlic is dehydrated, it is exposed to a smoky environment. The smoking process gives the garlic powder a unique smoky aroma.

Features: Adds complex layers of smokiness, giving garlic powder a unique flavor and perfect for imparting a smoky flavor to dishes.

Freeze-dried garlic powder:

Process: After the garlic is sliced, freeze-drying technology is used to quickly freeze the garlic slices at low temperatures, and then remove the moisture through vacuum drying to obtain dry garlic powder.

Features: Due to low-temperature drying, the natural color and nutrients of garlic can be better retained, and the taste is more tender.

Fermented garlic powder:

Process: After the garlic is ground, salt and starter are added, and through natural fermentation for a certain period of time, fermented garlic powder is finally formed.

Features: The sour taste produced during the fermentation process gives garlic powder a unique flavor. At the same time, some probiotics are also produced during the fermentation process, which has certain health benefits.

Mix garlic powder:

Process: Dehydrated or dried garlic slices are mixed and ground with other seasonings (such as salt, pepper, etc.).

Features: By mixing different seasonings, the taste of garlic powder is more diverse, and different flavors of garlic powder can be customized according to needs.


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