How to choose high-quality garlic granules?

As a common seasoning ingredient in the kitchen, garlic granules can not only enhance the flavor of dishes, but also have a variety of health benefits. However, the quality of garlic granules on the market is uneven. How to choose high-quality garlic granules has become the focus of many housewives and cooking enthusiasts. Here are some tips for choosing high-quality garlic granules to help you make a wise choice when buying.


1. Observe the appearance

High-quality garlic granules usually have a full appearance, smooth skin, and no obvious damage or defects. Specifically, you can observe from the following aspects:

Color: The skin color of high-quality garlic granules should be uniform white or purple (purple garlic), without obvious spots or discoloration.

Skin: The skin should be dry and intact, without cracks or shedding.

Shape: Garlic granules should be regular in shape and uniform in size. Garlic granules that are too large or too small may affect their flavor and nutrition.

2. Touch the texture

The quality of garlic granules can be further judged by touch:

Hardness: High-quality garlic granules should feel hard and firm. If the garlic granules feel soft, it may be a sign of moisture or deterioration.

Weight: Garlic of the same size, heavier ones usually have higher water content and are fresher. Light garlic may have dried up.

3. Smell the smell

Garlic has a unique spicy smell, which is also an important basis for judging its quality:

Fresh smell: High-quality garlic will emit a strong garlic aroma without any peculiar smell. If you smell sour or other peculiar smells, it may mean that the garlic has deteriorated.

No moldy smell: Make sure that the garlic has no moldy or rotten smell, which is an important indicator to judge whether the garlic is fresh.

4. Peel and check

When buying, you can pick a few garlic cloves for peeling inspection:

Inner clove color: After peeling, the garlic cloves should be uniformly white or light yellow, without signs of blackening or mold.

No sprouts: High-quality garlic should not have obvious sprouting, and the taste and nutrition of sprouted garlic will be affected.

5. Understand the origin and season

The origin and season of garlic granules will also affect its quality:

Origin: Garlic granules from different origins have different characteristics. Generally speaking, high-quality garlic granules come from well-known production areas, such as Shandong Jinxiang garlic in China.

Season: The best season for picking garlic granules is in late spring and early summer every year. At this time, the garlic granules are fresh and nutritious.

6. Purchase channels

Choosing a reliable purchase channel is also an important factor in ensuring the quality of garlic granules:

Regular supermarkets: Buy in large supermarkets or brand chain stores, usually the quality is guaranteed.

Farmers' markets: When buying in farmers' markets, it is recommended to choose merchants with stable stalls and good reputations.

7. Storage methods

After selecting high-quality garlic granules, the correct storage method can extend its shelf life:

Dry and ventilated: Store garlic granules in a dry and ventilated place to avoid moisture.

Avoid direct sunlight: Direct sunlight will accelerate the deterioration of garlic granules. It is recommended to place them in a cool place.

Refrigerated storage: If you need to store it for a long time, you can put the garlic granules in the refrigerator, but avoid freezing.

With the above methods and tips, you can choose high-quality garlic granules to ensure that they play the best flavor and nutritional effect in cooking. Whether it is daily cooking or special dishes, high-quality garlic granules are an indispensable seasoning.


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