How To Customize Dehydrated Vegetable Sachets For Instant Noodles?

Do you often feel dissatisfied with the lack of vegetables in instant noodles?

Do you want to customize your instant noodle vegetable sachets to your satisfaction?


Step one: Determine your favorite flavor of instant noodle vegetable sachets

The flavors of instant noodle vegetable sachets are customized according to the tastes of different countries around the world, such as seafood-flavored instant noodle vegetable sachets, kimchi-flavored instant noodle vegetable sachets, tom yum flavored instant noodle vegetable sachets, vegetarian instant noodle vegetable sachets, etc.

Step 2: Determine the proportion of various vegetables

Instant noodle vegetable sachets are made from various types of dehydrated vegetable slices mixed with freeze-dried shrimp, dehydrated egg pellets, freeze-dried squid slices, etc. Customers can customize the proportions of various ingredients according to their own preferences and customize their own unique instant noodle vegetable sachets.

Step 3: Determine the packaging of the instant noodle vegetable sachets

Instant noodle vegetable bags are available in large packages and small packages.

Large packaging is mainly used to make up for the shortcomings of ordinary instant noodle vegetable packages. The weight of each package can reach 500 grams per package, or even 1 kilogram per package.

Small packages are mainly used for instant noodles or cup noodles, 10 grams per package.

Customers can customize packaging that suits their product positioning according to their own needs.

Step 4: Determine whether to customize your own trademark can customize product trademarks for customers according to their needs. After customers get the goods, they can sell them without repackaging and labeling, which saves customers huge labor costs!

If you are interested in dehydrated vegetable packs for ramen/instant noodles/cup noodles, please feel free to contact Polly for customization!


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