How to deal with the rising price of garlic powder?

The rising of garlic powder price may be troubling to many people, especially those who often use garlic powder for seasoning. However, in the face of rising prices, there are some strategies that can be adopted to reduce costs while still enjoying delicious dishes. Here are some practical strategies to deal with the rising price of garlic powder:


1. Make your own garlic powder

For families who usually use less garlic powder, you can consider making your own garlic powder. Purchase fresh garlic, dry it and grind it into powder. Although it takes some time and effort, homemade garlic powder is usually cheaper. If you are a food processing company that usually needs garlic powder, you can consider working with the professional garlic powder manufacturer ( for more favorable prices.

2. Control the amount of use

Reduce the amount of garlic powder used and moderate the amount added to the food. Although the flavor of garlic powder is tempting, using it in moderation can also add enough flavor to the dishes, thereby saving costs.

3. Buy large packages

Consider buying large packages of garlic powder. Although the initial cost is higher, large packages are usually more economical than small packages and will be more cost-effective in the long run.

4. Look for discounts and promotions

Pay attention to discounts and promotions in supermarkets or online platforms. Buying at the right time can save some expenses.

5. Choose substitutes

Consider using other condiments or spices instead of garlic powder, such as fresh garlic, onion powder, ginger powder, etc. Although the taste will be different, it is also a way to save costs.

6. Multiple purchasing channels

Try to compare prices in supermarkets, farmers' markets or online platforms and choose the most economical purchase channel. Prices in different channels may vary.

7. Reserve inventory

If conditions permit, consider stocking up some when prices are low in case of price increases.

8. Pay attention to seasonal price changes

The price of garlic powder may fluctuate due to seasonal factors. Paying attention to price changes in different seasons and choosing to buy when prices are relatively low is also an effective strategy.

The rise in garlic powder prices may bring certain challenges to home cooking, but by adopting the above strategies, we can better control costs and continue to enjoy delicious dishes without worrying about price changes.


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