How to keep fried garlic flakes crispy for a long time?

Fried garlic flakes are golden in color and rich in fragrance. They can be used not only as snacks but also as food ingredients. However, if stored improperly, the fried garlic chips may become damp and spoil.


In order to keep fried garlic flakes crispy for a long time, the following measures can be taken:

Drain the oil completely: After frying the garlic flakes, place them on oil-absorbing paper and let the excess oil drain away as much as possible. Oil residue on food surfaces can cause sogginess and softening.

Sealed storage: Store fried garlic flakes in a sealed container or bag to prevent air and moisture from entering, thereby reducing the possibility of moisture.

Desiccant: Placing a desiccant in the storage container, such as a dry silica gel bag or a small amount of uncooked rice, can help absorb moisture in the container and keep the food dry.

Low-temperature storage: Place fried garlic flakes in a cool, dry place, such as a refrigerator or a dry and ventilated storage room. A low temperature environment can slow down the rate of food spoilage.

Pack in small quantities: Divide the fried garlic flakes into small portions and pack only the parts you need to avoid opening the container frequently and exposing the food to the air.

Avoid damp environments: Avoid storing fried garlic flakes in humid environments, such as near the kitchen sink or in places with high humidity, to avoid moisture absorption and softening.


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