The Difference Between Fried Garlic And Roasted Garlic

Fried garlic and roasted garlic are two different cooking methods, and their preparation methods and tastes are different. During the cooking process, the shape, color and texture of garlic change, which is why they are different.


Fried garlic is made by frying chopped garlic in hot oil. The characteristics of fried garlic are golden and crispy surface, crispy texture and rich garlic aroma. During the cooking process, garlic releases aroma and flavor, making dishes more delicious. Fried garlic is suitable for making meat, seafood, vegetables and other dishes, especially fried chicken wings, fried shrimp balls and other dishes, which are inseparable from the seasoning of fried garlic.

Roasted garlic is made by roasting chopped garlic in the oven. Roasted garlic is characterized by its golden yellow appearance, fresh and tender texture, and sweet taste. The cooking method of roasted garlic can not only retain the original flavor of garlic, but also make the garlic taste more intense and the taste more tender. Roasted garlic is suitable for making garlic white meat, roasted garlic eggplant and other dishes. It is also suitable for eating with red wine.

In short, fried garlic and roasted garlic are two different cooking methods, each with unique characteristics and uses. During the cooking process, we can choose the appropriate cooking method according to our own preferences and needs to make the ingredients more delicious.


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