Can Garlic Powder Be Used Instead Of Granulated Garlic?

We often face the confusion of choosing to use garlic powder or granulated garlic in our daily life. Today we are going to discuss this question, should I choose garlic powder or garlic granules, and can garlic powder be used instead of granulated garlic?

8-16 mesh garlic granules

The answer is yes, garlic powder can replace garlic granules. Garlic powder is a powder obtained by drying and grinding fresh garlic. It has a strong garlic flavor and can be used in cooking as a substitute for garlic. If you don't have fresh diced garlic, or don't want to peel and cut the garlic cloves, garlic powder is a convenient and quick alternative.

When using garlic powder, you can adjust the amount according to personal taste and recipe needs. Generally, half a teaspoon of garlic powder can replace 2-3 garlic cloves. However, since garlic powder has a relatively strong flavor, you may need to gradually increase the amount to achieve the desired garlic flavor.

Note that there may be differences in certain recipes, such as dishes that require the texture of the garlic or a longer simmer. In this case, fresh garlic cloves may be more appropriate to use.

There are some differences between garlic powder and garlic granules in the following ways:

Form: Garlic granules refer to the petal-shaped part of fresh garlic, which is usually obtained after peeling off the head of garlic. It has a certain texture and solid feeling. Garlic powder is a product obtained by drying fresh garlic and grinding it into a powder, which has no texture and solid feeling.

Convenience: Compared with garlic powder, garlic powder is more convenient to use. Using garlic powder eliminates the need to peel and cut garlic cloves, just add them directly to your cooking. This makes garlic powder a convenient option when time is limited or handling garlic cloves is inconvenient.

Taste and Intensity: Fresh garlic cloves typically have a stronger, more distinct garlic flavor and aroma. Garlic powder has a relatively stronger flavor when dried and ground, but may slightly lack the complexity of fresh garlic.

Dosage: Due to the relatively strong taste of garlic powder, you need to pay attention to the dosage when using it. Generally speaking, half a teaspoon of garlic powder can replace 2-3 garlic cloves, but the specific amount should still be adjusted according to personal taste and recipe needs.

Some similarities between garlic powder and diced garlic include:

Garlic: Whether it is garlic powder or garlic granules, they all have a strong garlic taste and aroma, which can add a unique flavor to dishes.

CONVENIENT TO USE: Both garlic powder and granulated garlic are available in convenient forms. Whether adding garlic powder or garlic granules to cooking, there is no need to peel and cut garlic cloves, eliminating these tedious steps.

Storage time: Both garlic powder and garlic granules have a long shelf life due to drying and grinding. They can be stored in a dry, airtight container and are relatively stable for long periods of time.

Flavoring flexibility: Both garlic powder and garlic granules can be flexibly adjusted to suit personal taste and recipe needs. Whichever form of garlic you use, you can increase or decrease the amount as needed to achieve the desired intensity of garlic flavor.

In summary, garlic powder and garlic granules share some similarities in terms of providing garlic flavor, ease of use, and flavoring flexibility. They are both common garlic substitutes. Although garlic powder can be used as a substitute for diced garlic, they have slightly different shapes and flavors that may make a difference in certain recipes or dishes that require garlic texture.


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