What is the difference between freeze-dried strawberry powder and Air-dried strawberry powder?

Freeze-dried strawberry powder and dried strawberry powder are two different processing methods, and they have some differences in the production process and the properties of the final product.

Strawberry powder

production process:

Freeze-dried strawberry powder: Freeze-dried strawberry powder is made by freezing fresh strawberries at a very low temperature and then freeze-drying them in a vacuum environment. The process involves converting moisture from the strawberries into vapor, while the strawberries' natural shape, color and nutrients are relatively preserved.

Drying strawberry powder: Drying strawberry powder is to put fresh strawberries in the drying equipment for heat treatment, and gradually evaporate the water, so that the strawberries become dry powder. This process may lead to the loss of some nutrients, and may have some impact on the color and taste of strawberries.

Product properties:

Freeze-dried strawberry powder: Freeze-dried strawberry powder retains the natural shape, color and nutrients of strawberries during the production process, so it is closer to the taste and taste of fresh strawberries. It has good solubility and can be quickly dissolved in water. It is often used to make beverages, ice cream, pastries, etc.

Dried strawberry powder: Dried strawberry powder is relatively dry and presents a relatively fine powder, which may slightly lose some color and nutrients during the drying process. It may have a longer shelf life due to its lower moisture content. It is often used to make condiments, additives, baked goods, etc.

It should be noted that the quality and taste of freeze-dried strawberry powder and dried strawberry powder will be affected by the production process and raw materials, so different brands and manufacturers may have slight differences. When choosing a strawberry powder that suits your needs, you can choose based on your personal preference, product quality and purpose.

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