Dehydrated Vegetables for Instant Noodles

Dehydrated vegetables are often used to make vegetable buns for instant noodles. The instant noodle vegetable bag is a fast and convenient food, which can add the nutrition and taste of vegetables to the food by adding the vegetable bag to the instant noodles.

Dehydrated vegetable packets

Dehydrated vegetable packets for instant noodles usually include various vegetables such as carrots, peas, onions, garlic, parsley, etc. These vegetables are usually cut into small pieces or slices, and their nutritional value is preserved during processing. In this way, when the dehydrated vegetable packets are put into the instant noodles and cooked, they can regain their taste and nutrition and add more nutrition to the instant noodles.

When making instant noodle vegetable packs, dehydrated vegetables need to be rehydrated, and then added to hot water together with instant noodles to cook. In this way, dehydrated vegetables can regain their original taste and nutrition, adding a certain nutritional value to instant noodles.

In addition, the instant noodle dehydrated vegetable bag can also be used as a portable vegetable food for outdoor activities such as field trips, camping, and mountaineering. Since the dehydrated vegetable pack is light in weight, small in size, and can be stored for a long time, it is a convenient and portable food that can meet the demand for vegetables during outdoor activities.

The formula of instant noodle dehydrated vegetable package is as follows:

The first dehydrated vegetable package recipe: dehydrated diced carrots, cabbage, shallots, green stalks, wolfberry, sesame, etc.

The second dehydrated vegetable package recipe: dehydrated diced carrots, cabbage, shallots, green stalks, freeze-dried corn kernels, egg dices, etc.

The third dehydrated vegetable package recipe: dehydrated kimchi, dehydrated carrots, shallots, pepper rings, etc.

The fourth recipe of dehydrated vegetable bag: dehydrated cabbage, diced eggs, dehydrated shallots, diced dehydrated carrots, dehydrated squid slices, dehydrated fish imitation crab sticks, etc.

The fifth dehydrated vegetable package recipe: shiitake mushroom slices, pepper rings, shrimp, seaweed slices, etc.

The basic raw materials of the dehydrated vegetable bag are: dehydrated diced carrots, cabbage, green onions, green vegetables (green stems, evergreens, etc.), pepper rings, freeze-dried corn kernels, egg granules, dried bacteria (mushroom slices, bisporus slices), dehydrated kimchi (spicy cabbage) etc.

The extended products of dehydrated vegetable package include: dehydrated celery, parsley, broccoli, soy products (bean sticks, bean skin, freeze-dried tofu), wolfberry, sesame, peanuts, freeze-dried meat products (chicken cubes, beef cubes) , freeze-dried seafood products (shrimp, squid, crab sticks), etc.

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