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Over 100 Kinds Of Dehydrated Vegetable flakes Wholesale Price

Technical Data
Product nameDehydrated vegetable flakes
Size3*3mm, 5*5mm, 8*8mm and 10*10mm,etc.
Aerobic Plate Count≤500,000
certificationsISO9001,HACCP,HALAL,BRC,FDA, ORGANIC,etc.
Storage conditionSealed in dry, cold, waterproof & ventilated conditions
Shelf Life24 months

Product Details

Dehydrated vegetable flakes are also called rehydrated vegetables, including over 100+ dehydrated vegetables, which are processed by dehydrating fresh vegetables, while ensuring the original taste and nutrition of vegetables. Dried vegetables are both easy to store and easy to transport. And the dried vegetables are more convenient to eat, as long as the dehydrated vegetable flakes are immersed in clean water, they can be restored quickly.

We can provide both non-mixed dehydrated vegetables and support customized dehydrated mixed vegetable flakes.

Dehydrated vegetables

More information about the organic dehydrated vegetable flakes

1. Modern vegetable drying equipment better retains the nutrients of fresh vegetables.

2. Support customized specifications, packaging and types of dehydrated vegetables

3. If you need to try the dehydrated vegetable flakes quantity, we can provide free samples.

4. 100% Natural and healthy, Non-GMO, no additives and preservatives

5. Dehydrated Vegetable flakes have passed organic, brc, halal, kosher and other certifications. Meet export standards and support for bulk orders., as the professional dehydrated vegetables manufacturer and supplier, not only provide dehydrated mixed vegetable packs, but also provide more than 100 kinds of dehydrated vegetable flakes, such as dehydrated shiitake mushrooms, dehydrated carrots, dehydrated cabbage flakes, dehydrated tomatoes, dehydrated red bell pepper flakes, etc.

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