Where To Buy Chive Powder?

Chive powder is made of fresh chives, extracted from pure natural green food, retains most of the nutrients and unique flavor of shallots, and is easy to store and use. Chive powder has the functions of removing the fishy smell, increasing the flavor and freshening the meat. Chive powder can not only be directly used as seasoning dipping sauce, but also suitable for all kinds of salty bread decoration and making salty chiffon cake, barbecue seasoning, soup stock, hot pot, and seasoning.

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The production process of chive powder:

Step 1: Take a certain amount of fresh raw chive, peel and wash them and divide them into three parts: scallion leaves, scallion stems, and scallion roots.

The second step: chop the chive leaves, onion stems, and onion roots, and then evaporate and dry them at a temperature of 50°C to 70°C.

Step 3: Grind the dried chive leaves, onion stems, and chive roots into powders with a fineness of 30 to 300 meshes,

Step 4: Take any one or any two or all three of the powdered green onion leaves, onion stems and onion roots, mix them in a certain proportion and dry them to get green onion powder.

The effect of chive powder

1. Chive powder is a common condiment in daily life. It has certain effects of clearing away heat and dampness, detoxifying and resolving phlegm, and has a certain effect on improving some sores of the mouth and tongue.

2. Chive powder can also promote the secretion of digestive juice in the intestines and increase digestion.

3. Chives also have the effect of sterilizing and killing insects, which can improve diarrhea patients and prevent colds.

4. The content of fat, sugar and carotene in chives is also relatively high, and the vitamin C contained in it can also resist oxidation and whiten the skin.

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