What is the difference between freeze-dried green peas and air-dried green peas?

Freeze-dried green peas and air-dried green peas are two different food processing methods, and they have some differences in processing, taste and retained nutrients.

Freeze dried green peas

processing method:

Freeze-dried green peas: Freeze-drying is a food processing method that involves freezing food at low temperatures and then evaporating the water from the food under a vacuum, thereby preserving the nutrition and taste of the food.

Air-dried green peas: Air-dried is a processing method that exposes food to the natural environment, and the food is preserved by drying the moisture in the food through natural wind.


Freeze-dried green peas: Because the water is evaporated during the freeze-drying process, the food becomes light and crunchy, but still maintains a good taste and color.

Air-Dried Green peas: Due to natural air-drying, the food may become firmer and the texture will change.

Nutrients retained:

Freeze-dried green peas: Due to the low temperature and vacuum environment of freeze-drying, relatively more nutrients of the food are preserved, including vitamins and minerals.

Air-dried green peas: Some heat-sensitive nutrients may be lost during the process of air-drying in a natural environment.

scenes to be used:

Freeze-dried green peas: Often used in ready-to-eat foods, instant noodles, frozen foods, etc., because they maintain a better texture after the moisture is restored.

Air-dried green peas: Usually served as a snack, they can be eaten directly or used as raw materials for cooking, but more water may be added during cooking to supplement the drying of the ingredients.

In general, freeze-dried green peas pay more attention to retaining the original texture and nutrition of the food, while air-dried green peas are a method of natural drying. The ingredients may become more dry and hard, but some people like its taste. Which one to choose depends on your preference for food taste and quality, as well as the specific scene of eating.

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