How are Fried Garlic Chips Produced?

Fried garlic chips, golden and crispy, with a strong garlic flavor, often served as an appetizer, side dish or seasoning.


The following is the industrialized production process of fried garlic chips:

① Raw material preparation: Choose fresh garlic heads as raw materials, make sure they are not damaged or polluted. The garlic heads are initially cleaned and peeled before entering the subsequent processing stage.

② Slicing and sorting: Garlic heads are cut into thin slices automatically, usually using a slicer. The cut garlic pieces are sorted to ensure uniformity in size and thickness.

③ Pretreatment: Garlic chips may need pretreatment, such as rinsing, soaking or dehydration, to remove excess odor, bacteria or excess moisture.

④ Frying: The pretreated garlic chips are put into large frying equipment, and the frying temperature and time are precisely controlled. The garlic chips quickly turn golden brown and become crispy on high heat. Industrial frying usually uses specific cooking oils, such as peanut or canola oil.

⑤ Drain oil and remove water: The fried garlic chips are removed through the frying net to allow excess oil to drain. The garlic chips may then be placed in a hanging net or a vibrating device to remove residual oil.

⑥ Seasoning and mixing: Hot garlic chips usually need to add salt or other seasonings in a hot state to ensure even seasoning. This step is usually done with automated mixing equipment.

⑦ Cooling: The seasoned garlic chips are placed in a cooler to cool them down to room temperature quickly. This helps maintain the crunch and prevents overheating.

⑧ Packaging: The cooled garlic chips are sent to the automatic packaging line, weighed, packaged, sealed according to different packaging specifications, and then marked with production date, shelf life and other information.

⑨ Quality inspection: Batches of fried garlic chips may undergo quality inspection, including appearance, texture, taste and nutritional value. This helps ensure that products meet standards and requirements.

⑩ Packaged finished products: Qualified fried garlic chips are packaged into finished products, and undergo inventory management and distribution, ready for sale or distribution.

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