Does Onion Powder Contain MSG?

Pure onion powder is made from dried and ground fresh onions without MSG or other additives.

onion powder

But now there are pure onion powder and compound seasonings of onion powder on the market, such as onion garlic powder, onion ginger powder or seasoning mixed with onion powder and other seasonings. If you prefer pure onion powder, then you must pay attention to whether the ingredients of the product are 100% pure onion powder when purchasing.

You can also choose to make onion powder at home by following these steps:

① Wash and peel the fresh onion, then cut into thin slices or small pieces for easy drying.

② Spread the sliced onions evenly on a baking tray or grill, put them in the oven, and dry them at low temperature (about 50-60°C). It can also be dried in a cool and dry place, but it will take longer.

③ During the drying process, turn the onions frequently to ensure that they dry evenly until they become crisp and hard.

④ Put the dried onion slices into a grinder, and grind the dried onion slices into a fine powder.

⑤ Use a small sieve to sift out the onion particles that are not completely grated, leaving only the onion powder.

⑥ Store pure onion powder in a dry, airtight container to preserve its freshness and flavor.


When drying onions in the oven, keep an eye on the temperature to avoid burning the onions at too high a temperature.

In order to ensure the quality of onion powder, it is necessary to choose fresh onions and pay attention to hygiene during the production process.


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