Fried Garlic Crisps

Fried garlic crisps are divided, peeled, cleaned, crushed and added with starch, fried in small granules, golden in color, delicious in appetite, fragrant in taste, and unique in garlic. It retains the unique ingredients in garlic that are beneficial to the human body, and has a delicious taste.

Fried garlic crisps

Fried garlic crisps are not only rich in nutrients, but also retain a variety of proteins, amino acids and allicin in garlic that are beneficial to the human body, but also remove the spicy taste of garlic, have a fragrant appetite, eliminate greasy and clear mouth, and have some effects of seasoning.

In the process of making our own fried garlic crisps, we should pay attention to the fact that the chopped garlic can not be fried immediately, but also soaked in water to prevent the garlic from producing a garlic odor. After the garlic has been soaked at the same time, the water should be controlled to dry, then put into a hot oil pan, and fry for about 6 minutes, until the garlic is golden yellow and accompanied by a faint garlic fragrance, then take it out. .

Fried garlic crisp has a unique fragrance and is a commonly used condiment in households and restaurants. It has an attractive fragrance and a unique taste. If you are interested in fried garlic crisps and want to wholesale garlic crisps and other products, you are welcome to choose our company, with affordable prices and large quantities.

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