How To Dehydrate Onion Flakes?

Onions are not only vegetables, but also have many health benefits. However, the storage of onion must be in the cold storage, otherwise it will germinate and affect the consumption. Therefore, processing the onion into dehydrated onion slices can not only maintain the special taste and nutritional content of the onion, but also facilitate consumption and storage.

Dehydrated onion flakes

One of the processing methods of dehydrated onion flakes are to use fresh onions as raw materials to slice onions and air-dry them. The specific process is as follows:

Selection of materials - raw material processing - all slices - panning - baking - packaging finished products.

The selection of materials is to choose dry onions without rot, no pests and diseases, and no scars, for use;

The raw material treatment is to peel and peel the onion head, and wash it in clean water;

Slicing is cutting the head of the onion into slices with a thickness of 3 mm;

Elutriation is to wash the onion slices with clean water and then dry them;

Dehydration is to put onion slices on a tray and put them in a drying room or oven at 70 ° C ~ 80 ° C. Under the temperature, bake for 5 to 6 hours, so that the water content of the onion slices is about 5%; Packaging is the finished product obtained by sealing and packaging the dried onion slices under aseptic conditions.

Dehydrated onion flakes not only taste pure, but can be restored by soaking in warm water, fresh in all seasons, and retain the effective nutrients of onions.

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