Fruit Powder Benefits

Fruit powder is very useful in baking due to its strong flavor and long shelf life. Used to add flavor and color to frostings without reducing consistency, or to add natural flavor spikes to fillings and preserves, fruit powders have countless uses.

Let's take a look at the benefits of fruit and vegetable powder.

1. Fruit powder is full of flavor

Fruit powders are often so delicious and nutritious because they are more concentrated than whole fresh fruit. The drying process extracts the moisture before grinding the fruit into a powder, leaving a tastier, concentrated pulp. This enhances the flavor and nutritional content of the fruit.

You can use these powders in place of artificial flavors and colors to add color and texture to food and beverages.

2. Fruit powder retains high levels of nutrients

Unlike the "natural flavors" commonly found in most processed foods today, our fruit powders contain no artificial chemicals or additives that inhibit natural nutritional value.

In contrast, our fruit powders retain approximately 95% of their nutritional potency, so they are a reliable source of essential antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients and fiber.

3. Fruit powder is widely used

Fruit powder allows you to get more creative with your recipes and favorite foods. Whether you're looking to boost the nutritional content of your recipes or infuse them with vibrant color and flavor, fruit powders allow you to have fun and try wonderful healthy foods!

Fruit powder is a favorite of chefs and bakers because of its rich flavor and fairly long shelf life. In short, you can use fruit powder as a snack, sprinkle on yogurt, smoothies, bake, make beverages, nutrition bars, candy, and more!

4. Fruit powder is a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle friend

If you're opting for a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, fruit powders provide you with healthy, wonderful options. For example, our coconut milk powder is an excellent alternative for those who prefer dairy-free, lactose-intolerant or allergic to animal milk. Plus, it's rich in healthy fats and delicious.

5. Fruit Powder May Support Healthy Digestion

Many of our fruit powders are an excellent source of soluble and insoluble fiber that supports a healthy digestive system and acts as a prebiotic to feed your probiotic bacteria, promoting overall digestive health.

6. Fruit powder is rich in antioxidants

Most fruit powders, such as Aronia powder, have beneficial antioxidant properties. This purple power berry is rich in polyphenols and has one of the highest Antioxidant Scores (ORAC) of any whole food.

Our freeze-dried blueberry powder is rich in antioxidants such as anthocyanins, vitamins C, B complex, vitamins E and A, copper, selenium, manganese, zinc, dietary fiber, iron.

7. Fruit Powder Promotes Healthy Immune System Response

Getting plenty of nutrients means making sure you're giving your body the right nutrients to promote a proper immune system to deal with harmful invaders. Deficiencies in essential nutrients can affect how the body's immune system responds.

8. Fruit powder can support a healthy weight

Fruit powder can promote satiety and aid in your healthy weight loss journey.

Since most fruit powders contain fiber, they play a key role in helping you reduce your food intake and provide more satiety with each meal. Some fruit powders can also improve your metabolism, helping your body burn more fat at rest.

9. Fruit powder has a longer shelf life

No more wasting your favorite fruits because they spoil before you can eat them!

Fruit powder has a long shelf life due to its preparation process and airtight packaging. Likewise, Fitaky Food fruit powders are free of added chemicals and preservatives; the long shelf life is due to attention to the highest quality dehydration, freeze drying techniques and extremely careful, airtight packaging and storage procedures.

We hope you enjoy our fruit powder

There is no doubt that fruit powder has many delicious benefits.

The best thing about fruit powders is that they are always ready for you.

Once you get used to their benefits, you may be hooked on how fruit powders are truly delicious, versatile, nutritious and affordable.

You are invited today to try your favorite fruit in powder form by checking out our wide selection of amazing fruit powders.

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