How Do You Use Fried Garlic?

Fried garlic is fresh garlic cloves that are peeled and sliced or chopped, then fried in hot oil until crisp and a rich golden color. The frying process removes the moisture from the garlic, resulting in a rich garlic flavor and crunchy texture. Fried garlic is a versatile ingredient that adds a delicious, aromatic flavor to a variety of dishes.
Crispy Fried Garlic

Here's how to use fried garlic:

Garnish: Sprinkle fried garlic over the finished dish as a garnish. It adds a crispy texture and bursts of flavor. You can use it to garnish soups, salads, stir-fries, noodles, rice dishes, roasted vegetables, and even grilled meats.

Flavor Enhancer: Add fried garlic to sauces, dressings, or marinades to enhance the overall flavor of a dish. It can be added to stir-fry sauces, salad dressings, pasta sauces, or as a seasoning for grilled meats.

Bread or Pizza Topping: Spread fried garlic on bread or pizza crust before baking for an extra layer of flavor and crunch. It works great on garlic bread, bruschetta or as a pizza topping.

Condiment: Use fried garlic as a condiment or flavoring. Fried garlic can be mixed with mayonnaise, yogurt, or sour cream for a delicious dip or spread. It can also be added to homemade sauces, such as aioli or tzatziki, for added garlic.

Stir-fry ingredients: add fried garlic when stir-frying or stir-frying. Heat the oil in a pan first, then add the fried garlic towards the end of cooking to keep it from burning. It will infuse the dish with a unique garlic flavor.

Soups and Broths: Sprinkle fried garlic into soups or broths just before serving. It adds an extra layer of flavor and aroma to a warm, comforting bowl of soup.

Homemade Seasoning: Combine fried garlic with other dried herbs and spices to create your own delicious seasoning. Use it in marinades, rub it, or sprinkle it over roasted vegetables or meat.

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