Production Process of the High-Quality Garlic Powder

With the increasing use of garlic powder seasoning, there has also been a huge interest in how to produce garlic powder. As a professional supplier and manufacturer of garlic powder, let us take a look at how garlic powder is produced!

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Production process of garlic powder:

1. Material selection - Garlic with yellow leaves, large heads, white flesh, no pests, and mechanical damage is selected as raw materials when harvested, and garlic with small heads, pests, or mechanical damage is removed.

2. Soaking - Wash the selected garlic with clean water, peel off the cloves, then soak in cold water for about 1 hour, rub off the skin, pick up the garlic cloves, and drain the remaining water.

3. Beating - Put the drained garlic cloves into a beater or grinder for crushing and beating. When beating, add 1/3 of clean water to the garlic cloves; after beating, filter the slurry with coarse gauze to remove residual leather and other sundries.

4. Garlic powder dehydration method:

1. Use fine cloth to remove water like pressing tofu;

2. It can be squeezed by oil press to remove water;

3. A centrifuge for sugar production can be used to remove water by centrifugation at a speed of about 12,000 revolutions per minute. But the general requirement is to quickly remove all the water at one time, without delaying the time, in case the garlic pulp will change its taste and affect the quality. At the same time, the tools must be rinsed off immediately after use to avoid odors in the next use.

5. Drying of garlic powder - immediately spread the dehydrated wet garlic powder on the baking tray, and then put the baking tray into the drying room for baking. The drying room needs to be kept at a constant temperature of about 50°C for about 5 hours, until the wet garlic is dry enough to be ground into noodles by hand.

6. Re-grinding of garlic powder - crush the dried dried garlic powder with a grinder while it is hot, and sieve it with a fine basket sieve, so that the garlic powder is uniformly in the form of fine flour, which is the finished product of garlic powder.

7. Packaging of garlic powder - After passing the inspection, the garlic powder is directly put into food plastic bags or moisture-proof kraft paper bags printed with trademarks, product names, factory names, factory addresses, etc., and then packed into boxes after being tightly sealed.

At present, the garlic powder of has been exported to more than 90 countries with stable price and guaranteed quality. If you are also interested in the price of garlic powder, please feel free to consult.


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