Uses Of Garlic

Garlic, as an indispensable condiment in the kitchen, is not only a good product for raw food, but also shows a variety of uses after dehydration and processing, bringing convenience and deliciousness to food processing. The following will introduce the many uses of garlic in food processing:


Condiment production: Dehydrated garlic granules have become an important raw material for making various condiments, such as garlic sauce, garlic paste, etc., adding a strong garlic flavor to dishes.

Seasoning processing: Dehydrated garlic granules are widely used to process various seasonings, such as garlic powder, garlic paste, garlic salt, etc., which are convenient to use and can maintain the fresh taste for a long time.

Pickled foods: Garlic granules are an essential raw material for pickled foods, such as garlic pickles, garlic chicken wings, etc. It not only gives the food a unique flavor, but also extends its shelf life.

Ham and bacon processing: When making ham, bacon and other meat products, garlic granules are often used to marinate or stir into meat fillings to enhance the flavor and texture.

Sauce making: Dehydrated garlic granules are an essential ingredient in making many sauces, such as garlic oil, garlic vinegar, etc., which provide rich aroma and taste to various dishes.

Quick-frozen food additives: In the production process of quick-frozen food, garlic granules are often added, which not only adds flavor but also extends the shelf life of the product.

Bread, biscuits and other baked goods: Garlic granules are also widely used in the production of baked goods, such as garlic bread, garlic biscuits, etc., injecting new flavors into traditional foods.

Canning processing: Garlic granules are dehydrated and processed into canned products, such as garlic paste, garlic slices, etc., which are easy to store for a long time and can be used at any time. They are common ingredients in households and catering industries.

Seasoning formula: As part of the seasoning formula, garlic granules are often mixed with other spices, such as garlic chili sauce, garlic dipping sauce, etc., to increase the taste and layering of food.

Spicy hot pot base: Garlic granules are often used in the production of spicy hot pot base, paired with chili, pepper and other seasonings to add the aroma and taste of the hot pot.

To sum up, garlic granules are widely used in food processing. They can not only improve the taste and flavor of food, but also extend the shelf life of food, adding deliciousness and convenience to people's lives.


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