What Are Green Superfoods?

Green superfood powders typically consist of greens with strong antioxidant properties.

Green is often the color of health, and since childhood, we've been taught to eat more vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and kale, as well as various leafy greens.

Barley grass powder

There are many types of green superfoods on the market. These products retain the nutritional level of the food in the form of ultra-high concentration, which can more efficiently provide nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, and enhance the antioxidant effect.

Below we briefly describe some of the most commonly used green superfoods:

Green grasses: barley grass, wheat grass

Vegetables: broccoli, kale, green peppers, spinach

Algae: Chlorella, Spirulina

Leaves: Moringa leaves, etc.

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