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Versatile Freeze Dried Diced Chicken Supplier In China

Technical Data

Product name

Freeze dried diced chicken



Aerobic Plate Count



≤ 30 MPN/100g





Storage condition

Sealed in dry, cold, waterproof & ventilated conditions

Shelf Life

24 months


10kg/carton or as your requirement; Outer carton + inner plastic bag (aluminum foil bag)


support customization;provide free samples;reach the international standards;fast delivery;one-stop service

Product Details

Freeze dried diced chicken's biggest characteristic is to retain the color, fragrance, taste, shape of the product and the nutritional ingredients of the original ecological food. It is also known as aerospace food, which is today's natural, green, safe and convenient nutrition food.

The hot sale freeze dried diced chicken is suitable to be added to instant noodles, instant noodles, instant porridge, instant soup, mashed potatoes and other instant foods.

Freeze dried diced chicken

Benefit of the bulk freeze dried diced chicken  

1. Chicken is higher in protein and lower in fat.

2. Chicken is also a good source of phosphorus, iron, copper and zinc, and is rich in vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin K, etc.

3. the freeze dried diced chicken has been seasoned and processed by vacuum freeze-drying process. It is completely rehydrated within 3 minutes, and the taste is natural and authentic.

4. Specifications: 5*5*5MM, 6*6*6MM, 8*8*8MM, 6,60 mesh chicken powder, etc.

5. Provide free samples & support customization


As the professional freeze dried products manufacturer and supplier, we have bulk freeze dried diced chicken for sale. Besides, we also have freeze dried diced beef, freeze dried fruits, etc.

If you are interested in the freeze dried diced chicken and wanna know the freeze dried diced chicken price, contact me freely.


Whatsapp: +86 18538192032

Shipment And Loading

Packing of the freeze dried diced chicken

1kg/Foil bag, 2kg/Foil bag, 5kg/Foil bag


As customer's requirement

Load of the freeze dried diced chicken

If packing in 10kg/carton, one 20ft container can load 8mts, one 40ft container can load 12 mts.

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