Analysis Of Import And Export Forms Of Global Garlic Products In February 2022

In February 2022, the main export provinces of China's dried garlic are Shandong, Hebei and Shanghai. Among them, the export volume of Shandong Province this month was 11,800 tons, a decrease of 175,900 tons from the previous month, a decrease of 93.71%, accounting for 81%. The world's garlic importers in Hebei Province this month mainly include Indonesia, Brazil, Malaysia, Vietnam, the United States, Bangladesh, Russia-Russia, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. The total imports of these nine countries account for more than half of the global total.

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In February 2022, the exporting countries of fresh or chilled garlic were mainly Vietnam, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. Among them, Vietnam’s imports this month were 8,300 tons, accounting for 12%, a decrease of 6 percentage points from the previous month; Malaysia’s imports this month were 7,400 tons, accounting for 11%, the same month-on-month; the United Arab Emirates this month The import volume was 5,500 tons, accounting for 8%. Indonesia's quota has not been devolved in February, and Vietnam has become the largest importer this month, but the import volume has decreased compared with the previous month. The UAE has previously imported less garlic from China, and this month's import share ranks among the top three. The export volume was 7,000 tons, a decrease of 11,200 tons or 94.12% from the previous month, accounting for 5%. Shanghai's export volume this month was 0.6 million tons, a decrease of 12,600 tons or 95.45% from the previous month. On the whole, the export share of dried garlic in various provinces has decreased significantly this month.

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The main exporters of dried garlic in February 2022 are the United States, Germany and Brazil. Among them, the United States imported 6,300 tons this month, a decrease of 3,000 tons or 32.26% from the previous month, accounting for 43%; Germany’s imports this month was 1,100 tons, a decrease of 8,000 tons from the previous month, a decrease of 42.11%, accounting for 43%. ratio of 7%. Brazil imported 7,000 tons this month, accounting for 7% of the total. Imports of dried garlic to Japan have dropped significantly this month. The United States remains the largest importer of dried garlic.


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