The Introduction Of The Fruit & Vegetable Powder

High quality fruit and vegetable powder has the characteristics of convenient storage and consumption, strong adjustability and rich nutrition. It maintains the nutritional flavor of the original fruits and vegetables, as well as the nutrients of the peel and core of the fruits and vegetables, and does not add any additives and pigments. It has been used as an ingredient Process other foods to become a good nutritional deep-processed product.

At present, our fruit and vegetable powder mainly include tomato powder, strawberry powder, pumpkin powder, pineapple powder, apple powder, spinach powder, banana powder, dragon fruit powder, carrot powder and so on.

Fruit and vegetable powder

The applications of the versatile fruit and vegetable powder

The fruit and vegetable powder can be used in all kinds of meal replacement food, medicine, functional food, infant food supplement, baking, beverage, convenience food, etc., to improve the flavor and color of the product.

Fruit and vegetable powder can be applied to various fields of food processing, which helps to improve the nutritional content of products, improve the color and flavor of products, and enrich the variety of products. It can be mainly used for: pasta products, such as adding radish powder to noodles for processing Carrot noodles; puffed food, such as using tomato powder as a seasoning for puffed food; meat products, such as adding vegetable powder to ham sausage; dairy products, such as adding various fruit and vegetable powders to dairy products; confectionery products, in candy Add apple powder and strawberry powder in the processing process; bake baked products, such as adding onion powder, tomato powder, etc. in the biscuit processing.

Using fruit and vegetable powder to make beverages does not affect the flavor of fresh fruits and vegetables; fruit powder can be made into fruit wine and fruit vinegar through fermentation, blending and filtration processes.

Candy, cakes, biscuits, bread, etc. can add a certain proportion of fruit and vegetable powder in the production process, which can not only improve the nutritional structure of the products, but also make the products better in color, aroma and taste.

Fruit and vegetable powder contains pigments, pectin, tannin and other ingredients, and some specific fruits and vegetables also contain medicinal ingredients, from which valuable by-products can be extracted through biochemical means.

Fruit and vegetable juice is rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals. After proper treatment, cyclodextrin and other substances are added to effectively encapsulate and protect most of the nutrients in the fruit and vegetable juice. At the same time, some nutrients are strengthened. Homogenized and vacuum freeze-dried to obtain nutritional fruit and vegetable powder.

Adding fruit and vegetable powder to foods for infants and the elderly can supplement vitamins and dietary fiber for a balanced diet.

Production technology and advantages of fruit and vegetable powder

In the production of fruit and vegetable powder, the fruit and vegetable raw materials are generally dried and dehydrated, and then further pulverized. The drying methods of fruits and vegetables mainly include hot air drying and vacuum freeze-drying. Due to the latter drying in freezing and vacuum conditions, the nutrients, color and flavor of fruits and vegetables are greatly preserved.

Fruits and vegetables are dried and then ultra-finely pulverized, and the particles can reach micron size. Due to the ultra-fine particles, it has significant advantages: First, the physical properties of fruit and vegetable powder such as dispersibility, water solubility, adsorption, and affinity are improved, making it more convenient to use; second, the nutrients are easier to digest and taste better. Good; the third is to use the dietary fiber in fruits and vegetables to achieve full utilization of fruits and vegetables, and superfinely pulverize fruit skins and cores together, which can be formulated and deeply processed into various functional foods, develop new ingredients, and improve resource utilization. It is in line with the development direction of "high efficiency, high quality and environmental protection" of today's food processing industry.

Fruit powder


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