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Technical Data

Product name

Tomato powder





Storage condition

temperature ≤25 ℃, relative humidity ≤60%

Aerobic Plate Count

300,000/g maximum


1000/g maximum


1000/g maximum

E. Coli







20kgs /ctn, Inner Aluminum Foil bags,outside carton

Product Details

Tomato powder is refined from selected high-quality tomatoes through spray drying technology. It is rich in lycopene, plant fiber, organic acids and minerals. It is suitable for various condiments and can improve the flavor, color and nutritional value of food, is a traditional food seasoning. In addition, we also support the customization of compound seasonings with different flavors.

Tomato powder wholesale price

The high quality tomato powder is mainly used for making different concentrations of tomato juice and tomato soup, etc. In addition, tomato powder can also be used directly as an ingredient in convenience foods, snack foods, and premixes such as soups sauces, spice, seasoning to increase tomato flavor in foods.

Features of Organic Tomato Powder from

1. We provide three types of freeze-dried tomato powder, dried tomato powder, and spray-dried tomato powder

2. The high quality tomato powder has passed ISO9001, HACCP, BRC, HALAL, BRC, FDA, ORGANIC and other product certifications.

3. We provides free tomato powder samples for customers to conduct product quality tests, and there is no minimum quantity requirement for customers who try the product for the first time.

4. supports customization according to customer needs, including strawberry powder specifications, packaging (50g, 100g, 200g, 300g, 400g, 500g, etc.), labels, etc.

5. Factory direct supply, no middleman to make the difference, the most competitive price, fast delivery guaranteed!

As the fruit and vegetable powder manufacturer, we have more than 70 vegetable powder, such as carrot powder, purple yam powder, pumpkin powder, etc. If you need, we can support customization and provide the free tomato powder sample for you. Welcome to consult at any time.

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