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China Organic Spinach Powder Manufacturer With Various Specifications

Technical Data

Product name

Spinach powder





Storage condition

temperature ≤25 ℃, relative humidity ≤60%

Aerobic Plate Count

300,000/g maximum


1000/g maximum


1000/g maximum

E. Coli





20kgs /ctn, Inner Aluminum Foil bags,outside carton

Shelf Life

12 Months

Product Details

Fitaky Spinach Powder is made from organic spinach milled, bright in color and rich in nutrition. it is a high-quality natural pigment.

Spinach powder is not only a food raw material, but also an important raw material for nutritional supplements, which can be widely used in making soup, porridge, bread, noodles, steamed buns, baking, seasoning, salad, nutritional supplements, etc. It can also increase the flavor and taste of the product itself.

Spinach powder

The spinach powder of mainly has the following three processing methods: 

air-dried spinach powder, spray-dried spinach powder and the freeze-dried spinach powder. 

Among them, spray-dried spinach powder has good water solubility and brighter color.

As a professional vegetable powder manufacturer, we support the processing method, fineness and packaging of customized spinach powder. What's more, we can provide free samples for customers to test products.

Nowadays, provides more than 80 kinds of vegetable powder for sale, such as cabbage powder, kale powder, barley grass powder, lemon powder, tomato powder, mushroom powder, etc.

Shipment And Loading

Packing of the spinach powder

1)1kg/aluminium foil bag, with two plastic bags inside.
2) 25kg/fiber drum, with two plastic bags inside. 

As customer's requirement

Load of the spinach powder

If packing in 20kg/carton, one 20ft container can load 14 mts, one 40ft container can load 22 mts

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