Crispy Mushrooms

Shiitake mushroom is the second largest edible fungus in the world and one of China's specialties.

Known as the "King of Mountain Treasures" - Shiitake Mushroom

With the characteristics of high protein and low fat

It has become a must-have dish on every table, and mushrooms can also be eaten as snacks- Crispy Mushrooms!

Each one is uniform in size and has a thick umbrella

Non-high-temperature frying, non-puffing, fully retain nutrients

Crispy and round in shape

Crispy mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms have a savory meaty aroma

The aroma is more concentrated after dehydration

The crisp taste is addicting

It is simply a new world in the snack world!

After the new VF low temperature embrittlement technology

Combining cryogenic vacuum and dehydration technology

Retain the nutrition and color of the pulp to the greatest extent

The crispy taste of fruits and vegetables is always dominated by sweet and crispy, but shiitake mushrooms have opened up a "fragrant" idea. The chewing feeling is like the crunch of the foot on the snow. Shiitake mushrooms are already very fragrant, not to mention concentrated!

And the plant fiber of the mushroom itself will not be destroyed

16.7g of high-quality dietary fiber per 100g

A strong sense of satiety is very satisfying

It's also OK during weight loss!

10 pounds of shiitake mushrooms only produce a pound of crispy mushrooms

No need for any preservative treatment, delicious and not on fire

Really Healthy Snacks

Crispy mushrooms

High nutrition, non-puffing, more crispy

Rich in dietary fiber, high-quality vegetable protein

Nutrients such as various amino acids

No flavors, colors, preservatives added

Thick meat, crispy and high nutrition

Each 40g mushroom crisp (one bag)

Vegetable protein content: equivalent to 100ml of soy milk

Dietary fiber content: equivalent to 1 kg of celery

The pouch is individually packaged, easy to carry, and conducive to sharing with relatives and friends

Freshness-locking technology locks in nutrients and makes the taste last longer

A bite of crispy mushrooms

Crispy is unstoppable!

Can't stop delicious

Nutritious and healthy

Satisfy the taste buds

Close to nature, it tastes really good

We have more than 30 kinds of fruit and vegetable crispysfor sale. If you are interested in the crispy mushrooms, contact Polly freely.


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