What is the difference between fried garlic granules and fried garlic crisps?

There are some obvious differences in the preparation method, taste and use of fried garlic granules and fried garlic crisps.


First of all, in terms of preparation method, fried garlic is usually cut into small particles and then fried in oil until golden and crispy. The garlic granules made in this way have a certain chewy texture and retain the original flavor of garlic. In contrast, fried garlic crisps are made by cutting the garlic into thin slices and frying it at low temperature for a long time, so that it slowly becomes golden and crispy, and the taste is crisper and tender.

Secondly, the difference in taste is mainly in texture and taste. Due to the larger particles of fried garlic, the texture is relatively uniform and the chewiness is more obvious. The fried garlic crisps taste crisper and have a more delicate texture because they are in flaky form. In addition, fried garlic granules may retain more garlic aroma, while fried garlic crisps may be crispier due to the increase in the surface area of garlic during the preparation process.

Finally, there are some differences in usage. Fried garlic granules are often used as a garnish to dishes to add some garlic flavor, and can also be used as seasonings. Due to its crispy texture, fried garlic crisps are more suitable for eating directly as a snack, or sprinkled on salads, soups and other foods to enhance the overall taste.

To sum up, there are some differences in the production methods, taste and uses of fried garlic granules and fried garlic crisps. You can choose to use one of them according to your personal taste and dish needs.


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