Why is purple sweet potato powder more expensive than sweet potato powder?

There are several possible explanations for why purple sweet potato flour may be more expensive than sweet potato flour:


Production difficulty: The production of purple sweet potato powder may be relatively complicated, including the extraction, processing and powdering of purple sweet potato. This may require more labor and technology, causing production costs to rise, making it more expensive.

Raw material costs: Purple sweet potatoes may be relatively scarce, or their cultivation and collection may be relatively difficult, which may result in higher raw material costs. Sweet potatoes may be easier to obtain and relatively cheaper.

Market demand: If purple sweet potato flour receives higher demand in the market, manufacturers may be inclined to increase prices to obtain higher profits. At the same time, if the demand for sweet potato flour is relatively low, prices may be relatively stable or low.

Quality and Characteristics: Purple sweet potatoes may be viewed as a high-end, specialty raw material due to their unique color, taste, and nutritional value, which may also increase their price. People may be willing to pay a higher price to experience the unique quality and delicious taste of purple sweet potato flour.

Supply chain factors: If the supply chain of purple sweet potato powder is complex or unstable, it may cause the manufacturer to face higher management and operating costs, which will be reflected in the product price.

It should be noted that this is only one of the possible reasons and will actually be affected by many factors such as geographical location, market competition, seasonal changes, etc.

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