The Difference Between Purple Sweet Potato Powder And Sweet Potato Powder

Purple sweet potato powder and sweet potato powder are two different types of edible starches. The differences between them are as follows:



Purple sweet potato powder is a starch made from purple sweet potatoes (also called purple sweet potatoes or purple sweet potatoes), which are purple or purplish-red in color.

Sweet potato powder is a starch made from sweet potatoes (also called sweet potatoes or sweet potatoes), which are usually orange or red in color rather than purple.


Purple sweet potato flour is purple or purplish red in color because it is derived from the purple sweet potato, a color that is usually retained in the starch.

Sweet potato flour is usually orange or red in color, reflecting the natural color of sweet potatoes.


Generally, purple potato flour and sweet potato flour are similar in taste and both have starch characteristics, making them suitable for use in various cooking and baking.


Both purple potato flour and sweet potato flour can be used to make various foods, such as noodles, pastries, soups, puddings, porridge, etc. They can be used as thickeners, texture improvers, ingredients in desserts, and more.

Nutritional value:

Both purple and sweet potatoes are considered relatively healthy because they are rich in antioxidants, fiber and vitamins. Accordingly, starches made from these potatoes may contain some of these beneficial ingredients.

Overall, the main differences between purple and sweet potato flour are their color and the different types of yam plants they come from. However, they are largely similar in terms of use and taste, and one can choose to use one or the other based on personal taste and recipe needs.


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