How Much Do You Know About Red Chili Powder?

Speaking of red chili powder, we are all familiar with it and can be found everywhere in our daily life.

Red chili powder

But do you really know anything about the red chili powder?

First, about the fineness of red chili powder

Chili flakes 5-25 mesh

Chili powder 40-120 mesh

Second, the spiciness of red chili powder


Uses of the red chili powder

Red chili powder is used very frequently in countries around the world and can be used to make chili paste, curry powder, kimchi, or eaten directly in dishes.

As a professional chili powder manufacturer and supplier, we can provide bulk chili products, such as red chili flakes, red chili rings, dried red chili etc., with different sizes, free samples and customized services to global customers.

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