The Garlic Powder Price

Garlic powder is widely used in the field of food processing because of its long shelf life and convenient carrying and use.

Naturally, the price of garlic powder is also a concern. Now let me know some things about the price of garlic powder.

Organic garlic powder

First of all, the price of garlic powder is not static, but differentiated according to the grade of garlic powder.

Grade A: Garlic powder is processed from the main components of high-quality fresh garlic, with high purity and slightly expensive price, about US$1,200/ton. It is suitable for customers who have high quality requirements for garlic powder.

Grade B: Garlic powder is processed from low-quality garlic, which may contain garlic roots or intended peels, etc. The purity is not high enough, but the price is relatively low about 1500 US dollars / ton, which can meet the quality of garlic powder Clients with less demanding requirements and lower budgets.

Fitaky's garlic powder has passed organic, halal, kosher and other certifications, and has complete qualifications. At the same time, we also have our own logistics line, which is fast and convenient for transportation. The after-sales service system is perfect, so that you have no worries.

If you are interested in garlic powder, the price of garlic powder we provide meets your psychological expectations, please feel free to contact us.


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