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Technical Data
Product nameCilantro Powder
CertificationsISO9001, HACCP, HALAL, BRC, FDA, Organic, etc.
Used PartLeaf
ServicesProvide free samples; Custom Packaging and Labeling
Size100% pass 80 mesh

Product Details

Cilantro powder is the ground, dried form of cilantro leaves and is often used as a culinary seasoning to add citrus and herbaceous flavors to dishes.

Coriander leaf powder

Cilantro leaf powder helps aid digestion, reduces inflammation, lowers cholesterol levels and provides antioxidant properties. Additionally, ground coriander may help freshen breath and promote healthy skin. supports customizing the packaging and labeling of organic cilantro powder for sale and also supports providing free samples for customers to use for food production testing, adding fresh citrus flavor to food. Ground cilantro can be used as a seasoning in soups, stews, and curries, and as a side dish for salads, salsas, and guacamole. Ground coriander is also used in marinades, scrubs, and spice blends for meat, poultry, and fish dishes.

More information about the cilantro powder

1. The factory supports customization and OEM services. At the same time, free samples for testing product quality are also available.

2. Cilantro powder has passed Halal, Organic, FDA, Brc, Kosher etc.

3. Direct supply from manufacturers with more than 10 years of production experience, no middlemen, the lowest price!

4. Fitaky has a mature logistics system to ensure safe and fast delivery of products.

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