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Classic Seafood Ramen Ingredients: Japanese Ramen Vegetable Sachets

Technical Data
StyleDehydrated Vegetable Sachets Recipe
Chinese style 1 Dehydrated diced carrot, cabbage, spring onion, green stalks, wolfberry, sesame
Chinese style 2dehydrated diced carrots, cabbage, shallots, green stalks, freeze-dried corn kernels, egg cubes
Korean style 1 dehydrated kimchi, dehydrated carrots, shallots, chili rings
Japanese style 1dehydrated cabbage, diced eggs, dehydrated shallots, diced dehydrated carrots, dehydrated squid slices, dehydrated fish imitation crab sticks
Thai Style 1sliced shiitake mushrooms, chili rings, shrimp, seaweed slices
Basic raw materialsDehydrated diced carrots, cabbage, green onions, green vegetables (green stalks, evergreens, etc.), pepper rings, freeze-dried corn kernels, egg granules, dried bacteria (mushroom slices, 
ExtensionDehydrated celery, parsley, broccoli, soy products (bean sticks, bean skin, freeze-dried tofu), wolfberry, sesame, peanuts, freeze-dried meat products (chicken cubes, beef cubes), freeze-dried seafood products (shrimp , squid, crab sticks)

Product Details

Seafood is a major feature of Japanese ramen, so when we developed Japanese ramen vegetable sachets, we specially selected dehydrated squid slices and dehydrated crab sticks as a highlight of our Japanese ramen vegetable buns, providing a rich flavor to your ramen. of seafood flavor.


Fitakyfood's classic seafood flavor ramen ingredients mainly include dehydrated cabbage, egg dices, dehydrated green onions, dehydrated carrot dices, dehydrated squid slices, dehydrated crab sticks, etc. At the same time, we also have dehydrated onions, green vegetables, pepper rings, freeze-dried corn kernels, dried mushrooms, dehydrated pickles, celery, parsley, broccoli, soy products, wolfberries, sesame seeds, peanuts and other products to choose from. Custom-made unique ramen vegetable sachets.

Currently, fitakyfood can customize the types of vegetable sachets for customers:

① 60-70g instant noodles: 1.5-3g vegetable sachets

② 110-120g instant noodles : 3-5g vegetable sachets

③Customized packaging: 500g-more

Services provided by

① Provide free samples of ramen vegetable sachets

②Customize unique ramen vegetable sachets according to customer needs

③We have more than ten years of experience in the production of dehydrated vegetable bags, which can provide stable long-term supply and ensure satisfactory delivery!

④Direct supply from the factory, the most competitive price, you can visit the factory at any time!

As a professional manufacturer of ramen vegetable vegetable sachets, we also produce Korean ramen vegetable sachets, Thai ramen vegetable sachets, Chinese ramen vegetable sachets, etc. Welcome to consult at any time!

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