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Instant Noodle Seasoning|Ramen Seasoning For Sale

Technical Data

Product name

Instant noodle seasoning|Ramen seasoning













Raw material

Natural vegetables

Storage condition

Sealed in dry, cold, waterproof & ventilated conditions

Shelf Life

24 months

Product Details

The instant noodle seasoning is composed of a seasoning pack and a vegetable pack. Vegetable packs can customize the type of vegetables, and seasoning packs can customize flavors, for example, kimchi flavor, beef flavor, seaweed flavor, etc.

instant noodle seasoning

Instant noodle seasoning & Ramen Seasoning

Our main customer groups of the high quality instant noodles seasoning packet are instant food manufacturers, such as instant noodles, ramen, instant soups, etc. At present, our instant noodles seasoning sachets have been exported to Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Philippines, Fiji, Brazil, Japan and other countries.

More information about the instant noodle seasoning sachets

1. Instant noodle seasoning supports customization of different flavors

2. Support customization of different instant noodle seasoning package specifications

3. The instant noodle seasoning has certified Halal, Kosher, Organic, Brc, FDA, etc.

4. Provide free samples for your product test

5. 100% factory price & fast delivery

Regarding the flavor of the versatile seasoning package, we support customization, including hot and sour flavor, tomato flavor, kimchi flavor, Korean sweet and spicy flavors, and Thai spicy sauce flavors, etc., customize your own taste.

Shipment And Loading

packing of the instant noodle seasoning

12.5kg/aluminum foil bag


According to customer requirements

Load of  the instant noodle seasoning

If packing in 20kg/carton, one 20ft container can load 14 mts, one 40ft container can load 22 mts

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