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Headless Freeze-dried Shrimps With Various Sizes

Technical Data
Product nameFreeze-dried Shrimps
Raw materialsImported wild shrimp from India
FlavorsOriginal flavor or customized flavor according to customer needs
Specifications:  300-500pcs/lb, 500-800pcs/lb
Production processThawing, cleaning, hair removal, blanching, cooling, weighing, seasoning, plating, quick freezing, freeze drying, warehousing, sorting, metal detection, sealing, packing, etc.
Packing specifications15kg/box
Box size 520*380*295mm

Product Details

High-quality freeze-dried shrimps are made from wild sea-caught shrimps through more than a dozen processes such as thawing, cleaning, hair removal, blanching, cooling, weighing, seasoning, plating, quick freezing, and freeze drying. Seasoned freeze-dried shrimps can not only be eaten directly as snacks, but also used as food ingredients with instant noodles, ramen, and instant soup.

Headless freeze-dried shrimps are currently available in two sizes: 300-500pcs/pound (1 pound has 300-500 grains) and 500-800pcs/pound (1 pound has 500-800 grains).


As a professional manufacturer of freeze-dried shrimps, we provide the following services:

1. Free freeze-dried shrimp samples can be provided for customers to test product quality.

2. Customize the specifications, packaging, labels, etc. of freeze-dried shrimps according to customer needs.

3. Headless freeze-dried shrimps can be put into food processing as a whole, with high product utilization and reduced waste.

4. Freeze-dried shrimp has passed ISO, HACCP and other product certifications to ensure quality.

Freeze-dried shrimp has a crispy taste and rich nutrition. It is a perfect partner for instant noodles, soups, ramen and other fast foods. At the same time, in addition to freeze-dried shrimp, we also have freeze-dried squid slices, freeze-dried imitation crab sticks, freeze-dried chicken cubes, freeze-dried beef cubes, freeze-dried vegetarian meat cubes and other products. Friends who are interested are welcome to consult at any time.

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