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Sauce Sachets For Ramen And Instant Noodles

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Prosduct nameSauce sachets
Bag TypeSachet
Sealing & HandleHeat Seal
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UseInstant Food Seasoning Powder Packets
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Product Details

Sauce sachets are one of the condiments we often use in our daily lives. They appear more often in instant noodles, ramen and other fast food.

The three-pack of sauces includes: Scallion sachets (6g/pack); Sweet soy sachets (4g/pack); Chili sauce sachets (4g/pack)

Sauce-Sachets is a professional instant noodle sauce packets manufacturer. We can not only customize the taste of the sauce packets, but also the packaging form and packaging quantity of the sauce packs.

Sauce sahcets flavors: spicy flavor, beef flavor, chicken flavor, mushroom flavor, kimchi flavor, seafood flavor, soy sauce flavor, etc. Customized according to customer needs or samples.

Packaging forms of sauce sahcets: single pack, 2 packs, 3 packs, etc.

Regarding sauce packages, we can provide customers with the following services:

1. Provide free instant noodle ramen sauce packets for customers to test product quality.

2. Customization of product taste and packaging form

3. Factory direct sales, guaranteed quality and quantity, the most competitive price!

In addition to instant noodle seasoning powder sachets and sauce packets, we also produce instant noodle vegetable packets. Interested friends are welcome to consult at any time!

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