Dehydrated Fruits & Vegetables

High Quality Mixed Vegetable Chips With Low Oil

Technical Data

Product name

vaccum fried mixed vegetable chips

Shape and size

Slice and sticks


vegetable, fruit, palm oil





Package material

Aluminium bag



Shelf life

12 months

Storage condition

Keep dry and cool, heat sealed, temperature < 25 degree, humidity < 50%

Vegetable kinds

beetroot, broccoli, shiitake mushroom, color pepper, okra, sweet potato, lotus root, green bean, onion, apple, yellow peach, pineapple, kiwi fruit, date, etc.

Product Details

The raw materials of mixed vegetable chips are composed of various fresh fruits and vegetables, such as mushrooms, dragon fruit, green radish, beets, potatoes, bananas, carrots, okra, red dates, kiwi fruit, etc. Vegetable crisps are rich in variety and balanced in nutrition. Compared with ordinary fried vegetable chips, vacuum fried vegetable chips are not easy to burn and have better color retention. At the same time, VF vegetable chips have lower oil content, crisp taste, and low damage rate, which can better meet people's needs.

Vegetable chips price

We can provide free vegetable chips samples and customized services (Packaging: aluminum foil bag packaging. Packaging weight: 50-80 grams. Customized according to customer needs.).

Benefits of the vacuum fried mixed vegetable chips:

1. Customers can customize the vegetable types and proportions of mixed vegetable chips according to their own needs.

2. Customize the packaging style, packaging weight, packaging design, etc. of vegetable chips.

3. Direct supply from the manufacturer, ensuring the products are fresh and the price is stable and competitive!

4. Vacuum fried products have low moisture content and long shelf life.

5. has been in the field of vacuum fried fruit and vegetable chips for more than ten years, and has rich experience in production and import and export. At the same time, for customers who are interested in our products, we can also provide free samples for customers to conduct product quality testing.

About the vf vegetable chips, the variety is abundant and the supply is sufficient and stable, such as mushroom crisps, okra crisps, beet root crisps, kiwi crisps, etc. If you need, we support customized vegetable types and OEM sales.

Friends who are interested in vacuum-fried fruit and vegetable chips are welcome to consult at any time.

Shipment And Loading

Packing of the vf vegetable chips

1kg/bag, 2kg/bag, 2.5kg/bag; 5kg/carton

Load of the vf vegetable chips 

If packing in 20kg/carton, one 20ft container can load 3.5 mts, one 40ft container can load 6.5 mts

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