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White Chocolate Freeze Dried Strawberry

Technical Data
Product nameWhite Chocolate Freeze Dried Strawberry
Shelf Life12Month
CertificationsISO9001,HACCP,HALAL,BRC,FDA, Organic,Kosher, etc.
ingredientstrawberry, Chocolate
MOQ2 kg
Package1kg per bag; as customer's require
StorageDry Cool Place Avoid Sunshine
FeatureFD strawberry
ServicesProvide free samples; Customized service

Product Details

The enchanting blend of white chocolate and freeze-dried strawberries gives rise to a delectable treat known as White Chocolate Freeze-Dried Strawberries. This delightful snack caters to those with a penchant for sweetness while preserving the authentic essence of strawberries.


Beyond its role as a delectable snack, White Chocolate Freeze-Dried Strawberries can be employed across a spectrum of culinary applications and occasions. 

1. Scrumptious Snacks and Desserts: The most straightforward utilization is as a delightful snack or dessert. 

2. Dessert Embellishment: Elevate your desserts, such as cakes, cupcakes, puddings, and more, with the visual allure of white chocolate freeze-dried strawberries, adding a burst of color to your culinary creations.

3. Baking: Enhance the texture and color of bread, biscuits, cakes, and other baked goods by incorporating chopped white chocolate freeze-dried strawberries into your recipes.

4. Ice Cream Enhancement: Sprinkle these strawberries atop ice cream to introduce a visually captivating and delectable element to your favorite frozen treat.

5. Breakfast Boost: Sprinkling white chocolate freeze-dried strawberries over cereals, oatmeal, or yogurt, introducing vibrant color, texture, and extra nutrition to your morning.

6. Beverage Garnish: Add a touch of elegance and flavor to your beverages, such as hot chocolate, lattes, and milkshakes, by utilizing white chocolate freeze-dried strawberries as a decorative topping.

Pros of White Chocolate Freeze-Dried Strawberries

White Chocolate Freeze-Dried Strawberries presents a medley of advantages, making it a sought-after treat for the discerning palate:

Natural Ingredients: Boasting relatively natural components devoid of artificial additives and preservatives, this treat embodies a healthier snacking option.

Nutrient Richness: Strawberries contribute vitamin C and fiber, while chocolate provides antioxidants and minerals. This amalgamation yields a nutritious and flavorsome outcome.

Portability: Offering convenience, White Chocolate Freeze-Dried Strawberries serve as a portable snack suitable for any setting, be it work, study, or travel.

Versatility: Their adaptability shines through their potential to adorn desserts, infuse baked goods with color, garnish beverages, and more—a transformative touch to diverse dishes.

Catering to Sweet Cravings: The blend of white chocolate and strawberries satiates sweet cravings, offering a balanced fusion of flavors.

All-Age Appeal: Ideal for individuals of all ages, from children to adults, this treat's tantalizing taste and texture resonate with a broad audience.

White Chocolate Freeze-Dried Strawberries not only captivate the taste buds but also harbor numerous nutritional benefits, rendering them a favored snack and gourmet choice. Whether consumed on its own, as a dessert embellishment, or as a harmonious addition to diverse culinary creations, this treat imbues your gastronomic journey with a touch of sophistication and delight.

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