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China Bulk Dehydrated Green Bell Pepper Price

Technical Data

Product name

Dehydrated green bell pepper


3*3mm/5*5mm/10*10mm or as your requirement




Typical of green bell pepper, free of other smell







Storage condition

temperature ≤25 ℃, relative humidity ≤60%

Aerobic Plate Count  

100,000/g maximum


1000/g maximum




None Detected/375g



Shelf Life

24 Months


20kg/carton; Inner double PE bags and outside carton


support customization;provide free samples;reach the international standards;fast delivery;one-stop service

Product Details

Dehydrated green bell pepper are made of high quality, freshly harvested, mature green bell pepper which have been washed, trimmed, precisely diced and dehydrated. This product is not grown from Genetically Modified seeds. After final drying step and prior to packaging, product is inspected and passed through magnets, metal detectors and X-ray inspector to remove ferrous and non-ferrous metallic contamination.This product is Halal, Organic,  Kosher, ISO9001, HACCP, HALAL, BRC, FDA certified.

Dehydrated green bell pepper

Advantages of the nutritious dehydrated green bell pepper

1. Green pepper can lower body temperature by sweating and relieve muscle pain  

2. Capsaicin, the active ingredient in dehydrated green peppers, is an antioxidant that can prevent the metabolism of relevant cells and reduce the incidence of cancer cells  

3. The strong spicy taste of dehydrated green pepper can stimulate the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, increase appetite, promote intestinal peristalsis and help digestion  

4, pepper capsaicin, can promote fat metabolism, is conducive to reducing fat, weight loss and disease prevention.  

The services provided by are as follows:

1. Factory provides free sammples for cusmtomer's product test

2. support customization & OEM services (package, label, specifications, etc.)

3. The Fitaky has our own logistics and transportation system to ensure fast delivery.

4. Factory direct supply, the lowest price! Customers are welcome to visit the factory at any time!

So far, our annual output of dehydrated green bell pepper granules has reached 2,000 tons, and the supply is sufficient and stable. In addition, we not only have high quality dehydrated green pepper diced, we also have dehydrated tomato diced, dehydrated mixed vegetables and dehydrated carrots. They are not only convenient to eat, but also widely used.

Customers in need are welcome to order at any time.


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